Salty Sweaty Chic


Welcome to Salty Sweaty Chicthe style file for everything active. 

From the gym to the trails, the mountains to the ocean, studio to the cafe and beyond Salty Sweaty Chic has you need to know about what’s hot & where to get it, black belt beauty tips, must-do travel destinations, the best gyms, yoga studios, retreats, surf camps, gear, tech and more.

Born out of need, Annabel Anderson has been living-in-lycra amongst the elements of the mountains and the ocean her entire life.

Bored of the choice of black or black, tired of the chaffed skin from poor cuts and seams in the wrong places, exhausted from having to re-purpose items of clothing to simply get the job done, Annabel has always been on the hunt for the most epic of activewear and gear to get the job done – even down to designing it herself.

Constantly getting asked ‘what to wear for X?‘, ‘can I pick your brain to plan my next trip?‘ and ‘where did you get that?‘ it was time to put the horse before the cart and let out some of the trade secrets she’s been sitting on for a good long while.

A collection of inspiration, aspiration, cool shit and bad ass advice – Salty Sweaty Chic is your one-stop style guide for all things active.

From what’s the hottest trends in wetsuits to what you need in a mountain bike and how to keep your skin looking 21 rather than weather beaten Salty-Sweaty-Chic is the insider’s guide of everything you need to know.

In the name of fit, form, function, fashion here is to looking better doing what we love to do. We look forward to bringing this to the world – heck, it’s been LONG OVERDUE.