How to Stay Warm in Winter – the Bike Edition

Annabel Anderson Winter cycling MTB

Riding bikes in winter is cold. Bloody cold. Cold enough to make you want to stay inside. I've been on an ever evolving mission to work out how to better combat the chilly temperatures of winter to ensure that the fun things can still be enjoyed to a maximum so when some friends quizzed me about what to wear...I went down a rabbit hole and it seemed only fitting to share it with a few more of you. Caveat - this blog is evolutionary. Should other game changing pieces of kit be found, that may be added at any point in time.

Facing Fears – Head On

That late August morning, I had misjudged where I was and had taken one turn too many as I arced turns of white dusty chalk promptly proceeding to be bluffed and launched at pace off the precipice of Chute 7 at the very top of Treble Cone's Motatapu Chutes having had zero intention of going in there that day. Without any intention of being where I was, I embarked on the ultimate tuck-n-roll extravaganza over anything and everything in my path to come to a stop no less than 450 vertical metres below where I had unintentionally launched.

In full yard sale style, by the time I had ground to a halt I was minus anything that could be ripped off with the impact including goggles, gloves, poles and skis.

Sh*t Happens

“What’s my name?” What seemed like a moment ago, I was arcing turns in the hunt for windblown stashes of chalky goodness and now I’m trying to comprehend what has just happened. A couple of minutes passes by. “What’s my name?” asks the Patroller in a Canadian accent. I’m strapped in a blood wagon surrounded [...]

Brutally Beautiful

It's hard to articulate in a couple of words just how the landscapes of New Zealand's Southern Alps and it's surrounding countryside will make you feel. Majestical, towering, moody, brazen. These are snow capped mountain ranges with lakes and braided rivers weaving a path at their feet. While it would seem that anywhere and everywhere [...]