Benefits of Being A Multi-trick Pony – Stand Up Journal Summer 2021

It’s no secret that I’ve done a lot of different pursuits on the sport and recreation front (the professional front also).
I’m a strong believer that diversity of skills enables you to have the agility that is needed in our present era where the only constant is change.

The more skills you learn, the faster you pick up new ones.

So when Stand Up Journal asked me to write about this for their Summer 2021 issue, it was a no-brainer to put pen to paper and make the links between my formative athletic background growing up and how it correlated to a massively steep progression curve when I entered the fray of competitive stand up paddling back in 2010.

Have a read and I’d love to know your thoughts about specialisation vs generalisation when it comes to sport. Are you the specialist? Are you the generalist? And if you had your time over, what would you choose?

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