Sh*t Happens

“What’s my name?” What seemed like a moment ago, I was arcing turns in the hunt for windblown stashes of chalky goodness and now I’m trying to comprehend what has just happened. A couple of minutes passes by. “What’s my name?” asks the Patroller in a Canadian accent. I’m strapped in a blood wagon surrounded [...]

Brutally Beautiful

It's hard to articulate in a couple of words just how the landscapes of New Zealand's Southern Alps and it's surrounding countryside will make you feel. Majestical, towering, moody, brazen. These are snow capped mountain ranges with lakes and braided rivers weaving a path at their feet. While it would seem that anywhere and everywhere [...]

Taking off with Air Tahiti Nui

As a tribute to my new partnership with Air Tahiti Nui, I've gone through the archives and selected some of my favourite moments and memories from trips gone by.

If these are not enough of an excuse to visit Tahiti or fly the skies between New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Los Angeles and Paris with Air Tahiti Nui, I'm not sure what will. 

2 Weekends, 2 Pailolo’s

Two consecutive weekends, two consecutive crossings of the Pailolo Channel and 54 miles of racing from the islands of Maui to Molokai. Two very different races, two very different conditions and one consistent result. Self supported, aiming for the an outline in the distance these races are as much an exercise in skill and navigation [...]

A Big Weekend, An Even Bigger Month

  Two days, 37 miles of racing. It sounds a lot doesn't it? Add deep blue Hawaiian waters, warmth and 20 knots of trade winds blowing from behind. Yes, it's officially downwind season in Hawaii, the trade winds are blowing and one huge month of downwind racing kicked off with the M2Molokai Challenge this past [...]